Tuesday 5 June 2018

Doggie in the Window

    While Joan and I were out partaking of the Pioneer Days activities in McBride, Skye our dog only got to observe from inside the truck.
    There was a lot going on. Beside the big parade down Main Street, there were horseshoe throwing contests, logger sports, antique cars, a baking contest, face painting, and more.  The local quilting group hung 40 mini-quilts around in various stores in McBride, and invited people to go on a quilt hunt to find them all.
    For me the big event of the weekend was having our music jam play for an hour in the park pavilion.  It is a yearly reminder of why I quit the rock and roll band I was in as a teenager-- having to haul around, set up, check, play, and then dismantle and haul away all of the music equipment.
    The gig itself went okay.  We got positive feedback.  The audience did outnumber the players most of the time.  Some people stayed the whole time to listen, but it was a difficult venue for the audience because there were no chairs in the pavilion for them to sit in, only 3 picnic tables, so it meant standing, which most people can only do for a while.
    Oh well, all the Pioneer Days’ hoopla is now over and we can relax for another year before it happens again.  

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