Thursday 7 June 2018

Robin Nestlings

    Weeks ago I noticed a Robin building a nest on a branch just off and below our balcony.  I made a mental note to keep an eye on it, because it was situated so that I could take a good photo of the young Robins when they hatched.  Of course, I forgot about it.
    Then the other day, I saw that the mother Robin was extremely busy pulling earthworms out of the garden, and I remembered the nest.  I went upstairs, onto the balcony, and took a look.  There were four young Robins squeezed together in the nest.  (If you look carefully, you can see all of them, or parts of them in the photo).  
    I was sorry that I didn’t think of checking on them earlier, when they would have all been sitting there, half naked with their mouths up and wide open, but I am happy that I at least got a photo of them at this stage.

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