Monday 11 June 2018

Tete Jaune Lodge Brunch

    Yesterday Joan and I did the 45 minute drive from McBride out to the Tete Jaune Lodge for Sunday Brunch, where we joined friends to celebrate a birthday.  The Tete Jaune Lodge Restaurant is hidden off the highway, tucked right up beside the Fraser River.  Because it is not obvious from Highway 16, a lot of the patrons are locals, and most tourists miss the really wonderful experience, dining beside the flowing Fraser in the cozy rustic eatery.
    There is an outdoor eating area, but it was a miserable and damp day with the coolish temperature of 8C  (46F), so we opted to eat inside.    When we entered the restaurant, we were immediately comforted by the warmth radiating from the crackling stone fireplace. 
    We chose a table with a good view of the Fraser and began our meal.  Shrimp, Eggs Benedict, fruit, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, chips, salsa, pancakes, cinnamon buns, cream puffs, and more, was laid out for the brunch.  The food was excellent, varied, and abundant and I filled and emptied several plates.  
    Looking out at the river, I couldn’t help but be reminded of overturning the canoe I was in and dumping my camcorder in the river last year.  The embarrassing incident happened just downstream from the restaurant.  
    The brunch was a really nice experience, on many levels, and I suspect we will be going back to do it again sometimes in the near future. 

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