Sunday 10 June 2018

"Gone With The Wind" Sunset

    Just two days ago I was re-watching “Gone With The Wind” which I had recorded from a movie channel.  I am always very aware of the several scenes in the film, with the characters silhouetted in black, against the dramatic very orange sunset.  As luck would have it, Joan and I experienced such a sunset last night, as we drove home from our weekly visit with some friends.  
    The sunset wasn’t quite as dark, or orange, as it appears on the photo, but because the Sun was so bright, and I was shooting directly at it, the camera automatically darkened the whole scene, which resulted in the photo you see.
    The days are really stretching out in length now, this photo was taken about 9:30 PM.  
    I took the shot when we were in the middle of the Robson Valley.  Our house is on the edge of the mountain slopes and because of the way our house is oriented, the sunsets this time of year are obscured, by the slope and wooded area around our house, so I appreciate being able to see them every now and again when we are out somewhere else in the Valley.

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