Wednesday 20 June 2018

My Lupine Patch

    The Lupine growing around around the pond are presently in full bloom.  I look forward to seeing the magentas, bluish violet, and pinkish blooms every year.  The path we take when we walk around the pond, travels right through the Lupine and as you approach the patch, you can’t help but hear the loud buzzing of the multitude of bees, who are working the blooms.  Lupine seem to be a big favorite of bees.
    It has been very gratifying to see how the Lupine have spread since I first planted some seed many years ago.  I was once out timber cruising with a fellow from New Zealand, when I was working for the BC Forest Service.  He told me that in New Zealand, forestry actually plant Lupine in logged out areas because their roots put nitrogen in the soil that helps the next generation of trees grow.

I did a painting of a Lupine:

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