Saturday 11 November 2017

White Insulation

    I love snow, but I’m not too crazy about really cold temperatures.  This time of year especially I am hoping for lots of snow to fall.  Not just because it creates a scenic “winter wonderland”, but also because it provides insulation to the house and ground.  
    You can see by the photo of our house that there is snow on the roof, but there is really not enough to insulate it very well.  The house is already well insulated with 12 inches (30cm) of insulation on the roof, and the additional 3 inches of snow doesn’t make much difference, but when it piles up to another foot or 18 inches (45cm), it does make it a lot easier to heat the house.  
    We always shovel a lot of snow around the houses foundation and on the flower gardens for extra insulation.  
    I don’t like winters where we get a cold spell first without a lot of snow.  I always have a fear of our waterline freezing up if we get a really cold snap and don’t have a lot of snow on the ground to protect it.  It is the fluffy snow that insulates the best.  The snow we presently have has compressed and turned icy, so it doesn’t help us much.  The forecast is for a lot of possible flurries, so that might slowly build up the snow layer if we don’t get rain.

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