Monday 6 November 2017

Fraser River at Tete Jaune

    It is often frustrating for me to be driving somewhere in the Robson Valley in the early morning.  The lighting creates a lot of photo-worthy scenes, and it is hard for me not to stop every five minutes to take a picture.  That was the situation on Saturday as I drove to Valemount for the Christmas Fair.
    All along the way I saw frost on the trees, and they were being backlit by the rising sun.  I just shook my head in frustration and drove on, fearing I would be late for the fair.
    I took the shortcut at Tete Jaune which goes across the old Tete Jaune bridge.  While crossing the bridge I happened to look east, and I could no longer take it, so I stopped the car, got out walked back to the middle of the lonely bridge and took this photo of the backlit trees and mist rising from the river.  
    As I looked through the camera to frame the shot I noticed that the indicator on my camera was blinking showing that the battery needed recharging, but happily the picture turned out fine.

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