Sunday 19 November 2017

McBride Christmas Fair, 2017

    Yesterday I participated in something I have been participating in for several decades--the annual McBride Christmas Fair.  Over the years I have sold my mohair yarn, McBride T-shirts, hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments, buttons, and photos.  Lately it has mostly been my cartoon calendars that I have been flogging.
    This year along with the calendars I sold art cards and prints of my paintings.  I always seem to do well at the event and make a profit.  Yesterday I sold 60 calendars and 18 of my cards.   The two local Christmas fairs are the big selling opportunities for me, although I do have works in gallery at the train station and up at the Prince George Art Gallery.
    Now that this fair is over I can settle back and count all my money--just joking, I am always happy if I just pay for my expenses and make a bit more on top of that.
    The McBride fair was at the community hall this year instead of the high school gym (they didn’t want to ruin their new wooden gym floor at the high school).  The venue was a bit cramped for both vendors and buyers, but it was a very attractive  space.  The crowds were steady and as always I got to visit and catch up with the news with a lot of friends and acquaintances as they shuffled past my table.

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