Saturday 25 November 2017

Santa Comes to Town

    Jolly old St. Nick came into McBride last night.  I guess Santa comes every year for a pre-Christmas visit, but this is the first time I have been in the Elk’s Hall to witness his arrival.  There was a long, crowded line up of children memorizing their list of wants, along with parents with their cameras ready.  
    I was there because I got roped in to singing with and accompanying a group of carolers, but as often happens, most of the carolers were a no-show, and so there were only four of us to sing, and the “accompanying” was done with just me on guitar, and Dorothy on Hawaiian guitar.  We did what we could, but luckily we were only supposed to create background music and there was so much ambient noise from the kids and parents yakking away that we didn’t really matter much.
    The event seemed to be a big success with all the nervous kids, happy parents, photographs, and hot chocolate.  Looks like the kids below even dressed up in Christmas garb for the occasion.  I guess the Season is upon us.

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