Wednesday 8 November 2017

Fraser River Ice Floes

    Lucky us (?), we are getting an early start to winter.  We have been experiencing frigid temperatures weeks before we should and the ice floes are already traveling down the Fraser River, about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  The photos you see were taken last week and the floes have increased in numbers since then.  Now you see more ice than water. 
    Soon the surface of the river will be completely covered with ice.

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  1. So your river has a schedule? Just teasing, I knew what you meant.That tree on the right looks familiar,is it the one that part of broke off earlier this year or was that at a pond?

  2. While it is not the same cottonwood tree that the beaver chewed down it is a neighboring tree in the same area. I often take photos at this spot because of the unobstructed view of the Fraser River.