Sunday 26 November 2017

My Fair Lady

    The other day I noticed that they were about to show “My Fair Lady” on the classic movie channel.  I had seen bits of the movie, but had never been able to watch film in its entirety , so I recorded it.  I have been watching it and have really been enjoying it.  It took me back to my junior year in high school.
    My high school was well known for putting on big productions of musicals, and was in the My Fair Lady that they did that year.   I had a very minor role (someone called “Selsey man”) and I did speak a few lines during the first scene.  I remember saying “There’s a ‘tec taykin’ ‘er down” (meaning there was a detective writing down what she was saying.)  Beside the few lines I spoke, I was also one of the dancers and I sang in the chorus.
    I knew nothing of the story or music, but night after night for about two months, when we weren’t required to be on stage, I usually sat in the auditorium and watched and listened.  I got to really love the  music.  The lyrics were clever and fun and the melodies were beautiful.  Since then I have always had a warm  spot for My Fair Lady.
    Being able to watch the movie really got all those songs reverberating in my brain again.  I especially like:  “I Could Have Danced All Night”, “On the Street Where You Live”, “I’m an Ordinary Man”, and “I’ve Grown Accustom to Her Face.”  
    For me music is always strongly associated with a particular time place, and I was nice to be briefly whisked back to that enjoyable time of my youth when in high school.
    Below is a program from our big high school production.

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