Friday 24 November 2017

Hey, I Know That Car!

    For years now I have been using Joan’s old cast-off iPhone.  Lately the battery charge has been getting shorter and shorter, so I bought myself a new one.  Last night I was loading up all of the apps that I had on the old one, and then I started trying out those apps on my new phone.
    One of the apps I like is Google Earth.  I zoomed in to our house, then zoomed over to McBride.  As I was perusing the town from above, I noticed the “Street View” option so tried that out.  The photos were taken a few years ago.  
    As I slowly worked my way down Main Street, I was suddenly surprised;  there was our old Subaru parked by the bank.  The fact that the car window is rolled down means that our dog Skye is probably snoozing on the back seat.  I know all that is not exciting to you, but it was a thrill for me.
    This is the second surprise I have gotten from Street View.  After Google first began doing it down in the States, I was trying it out on my old neighborhood, and there was a photo of my uncle out working in his garden.  (This was before they began blurring people.)
     I know technology has moved much beyond Street View, but I am still amazed at this “old” technology.  When I worked for the Forest Service, I used to be in charge of the air photos of our district.  I loved to look through them an see how things looked from above.  Those photos were taken from aircraft.  When we started getting some prints of satellite images of our area taken in the 1990’s I was extremely fascinated with them.  Now such things have become mundane; with Google Earth you can view any place on Earth from your home--Amazing!

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