Tuesday 28 November 2017

Local Click Bait

    Everyone knows about all the scams and dishonesty there is on the internet, but sometimes the lies are so outrageous that you can’t help but laugh.  Joan brought my attention to the one above, about the “Luxurious Senior Apartments in Valemount.” with the photo of the gigantic, palatial, grand staircased, and chandelier-lit room.  Take my word for it, no such place exists in Valemount, or anywhere close.
    Like McBride, Valemount is a small isolated village along a highway in the interior of British Columbia.   It is beyond imagination that such a “senior’s apartment” could exist there.  Back before the dominance of the internet, I once got a scam letter saying that if I enter this contest and win, a jet would be landing at the McBride “Airport” to whisk me away to some fabulous vacation.  I would like to see a jet land on McBride’s airfield.
    Anyway, I guess a good question to ask is how did the “Senior Apartment” thing happen.  I assume because our internet comes from a small business in Valemount, the scammers used that information and set their senior apartments scam there.  If we lived in Vancouver, or Los Angeles, I guess this ad would seem so ludicrous, but to anyone living in the rural Robson Valley it is just a joke.

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