Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Sign of the Pizza

    Today is Easter, a very religious day to many.  Last night we invited some friends over for pizza and conversation.  In our conversations we discussed a wide range of topics including religion (although not in a very positive way), then settled down to eat pizza.
    Having eaten our way through the first pizza, I went to the oven and brought out the second.  As the pieces disappeared haphazardly from the second pan of pizza, I was suddenly struck by the shape the remaining pieces formed--it was a cross.
    Was this a message from the “Almighty”?  If it was, the message didn’t take.  Soon someone grabbed another slice, and the “sign” disappeared.
    I am always fascinated by the constant flow of news stories about people seeing the face of Jesus or Mary in pieces of toast, flaking paint on a wall, or stains on a drain pipe.  These sightings cause religious pilgrims to flock to the site of the image, but just so everyone out there knows, don’t flock to our house, the cross we saw has disappeared into the gullet of our friends--Sorry.

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