Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Once Upon A Time Garden

    Forty years ago when we bought our place, their was a bit of a yard feature in one spot.  It had a decorative(?) “wishing well” made out of 2 x 4’s, surrounded by some flowers.  We hated the “wishing well” and quickly got rid of it and didn’t really pay any particular attention to the flowers.  The area became just part of our yard.  However, I guess I didn’t inform the hyacinths and crocuses about the change in status of that area, and so every spring, they pop up.  
    They are the first flowers we see, and I am always happy to see them and I appreciate their beauty and stubbornness.  By the time I have to begin mowing the lawn, the flowers are gone, but I always avoid mowing over that spot for about a month, just to make sure that the remaining leaves of the flowers get enough time to generate enough energy to get them through the winter, so they will again pop up next spring.

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