Monday 22 August 2016

Painting the House

    One of the projects I set for myself this summer was to paint our house.  This has been something we have been thinking about for probably 5 years.  Our house has been “Spruce Green” which is a darker shade of green on the bluish side, for a couple of decades, and we wanted to lighten the color a bit, but Joan and I could never agree on a color, so the job remained undone.  
    Early this spring we made ourselves decide on a color and that color was “Sage Green” and decided on “Channel Blue” for trim.   It was amazingly scary for us to make such a big change after living so long with the way it was, and not knowing exactly what it was going to look like with the new color,  but, we went ahead and bought all of the paint and so we were committed.
    I hired a friend of ours to help me with the painting and it is now done, except for a window that needed replacing and hasn’t arrived yet from the hardware store.
    Our new color is not that drastically different from the old, and most people probably won’t even notice the change, but we are very happy with the new color and are still a bit surprised when we see the house, since lived so long with “Spruce Green”.  It will be interesting to see how it looks in the winter in all of the snow.

I also paint pictures, see them at:

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