Wednesday 17 August 2016

Early Signs of Fall

    Yesterday, Joan and I had to do the drive up to Prince George.  Along the way I stopped, got out of the car, and took this photo.  
    “That’s going to be a pretty boring picture,”  Joan told me when I got back into the car. 
    I couldn’t argue with her, because the drive up to PG is pretty boring unless you see a wild animal along Hwy. 16.   The point of the photo was not to show off some amazing scenery, it was to show something that I have been noticing--the trees are starting to turn.  All of our deciduous trees turn yellow in the autumn and already, in the middle of August, they are starting to slowly shift the hue of their leaves from green toward yellow.
    It seems early.  It makes me wonder if the “lifespan” of leaves just have a certain number of days, and since our spring started a month early, maybe their  scheduled time to start changing is now, I really don’t have any other explanation of to why its happening so early.

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