Monday 8 August 2016

Mt. Lucille Hike

    After a few weeks of chickening out on hikes because of bad weather or hikes that I thought were too strenuous, I joined the Ozalenka Alpine Club for a hike up Mt Lucille, which is the pointy mountain you can see from the McBride townsite.  I have been up there many times, but on this trip, once we got to the top of Lucille, we were going to hike over to the next peak, something I had never done before.
    In the photo above you can see the group that made it to the top.  As is usually the case, I found the hike to be a tough grunt, but at least with Lucille, you can drive up to alpine and begin the struggle there, instead of having to fight all the way from the bottom.  I was going to talk about how hard the hike to the top was, but as you can see there were a couple of children along.  Misha, the little 5 year old girl in the pink hat, made it all the way to the top on her own legs, so I guess that sort of negates my complaining.
    We hiked about 6.6 km (4.3 miles) having to gain about 1500 ft (460 m) in elevation.  After getting to the top of Lucille we did hike over to the next peak that had a radio repeater perched on top of it, then back to Lucille and down the east ridge to the big lake in the alpine meadow, after which we had to climb back to where we started from, the snowmobile cabin.  The hike took us about 4.5 hours.
    The hikers fared better than the two vehicles that took us to the snowmobile cabin.  One over heated on the way up and we had to ride in the back of the remaining pickup.  Then on our trip home, once we got to Highway 16, the second truck had a flat tire.
    Below is a photo from Google Earth showing our hiking route.  In the bottom photo you can see the small dot sticking up on the peak at the far left.  That was the repeater that we hiked to.

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