Saturday 13 August 2016

Mt. Lucille Repeater

    As the astronauts got closer they came upon a large metallic cylindrical object seemingly some kind of communications device complete with solar panel and antennae.  Obviously, they were not the first beings to come to this far away place.

    It always seems a bit jarring to see something like this repeater, alone and isolated, on some mountain peak after trudging so far away from “civilization” on a hike.  They are part of a system that picks up and resends telephone, radio, or TV signals through the mountains regions of B.C.  In flat areas tall towers do this work, but around here it is easier just to put them on the top of mountains.
    The one you see in the photo is on the peak just south and east of Mt. Lucille.  I don’t know what signals this one receives and transmits, but none of us hikers got fried by the waves.

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