Friday 19 August 2016

Community Pasture

    I don’t know if our dog Skye was bored with walking along the river, but I was hankering for a change of scenery, so yesterday I drove up the road and took her to the Community Pasture.  It is a huge open area so you get a panoramic view of the Robson Valley.   The photo shows the scene as you look toward the Dore River Valley with Mt. Lucille on the left.
    There are a lot of bluebird houses scattered around the pasture, and they must have done well this year because as we walked along the road there was a lot of activity with the bluebirds flitting from tree to tree and swooping above the pasture.  Male Mountain Bluebirds are a beautiful shade of blue especially in the spring, but even this time of year it was a treat to see them.

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