Wednesday 6 January 2016

Skye Learns a New Trick

    Yesterday afternoon, I took Skye for a walk down Horseshoe Lake Road.  Normally on walks when Joan is along, we walk the length of the road then turn around and walk back to the car.  Skye is fine with doing this, but if it is just me and Skye doing the walking, Skye is very impatient to get the walk over with so she can go home and eat her meal.  That was the case yesterday.
    On the walks as we head toward the end of the road, I generally throw a tennis ball for Skye to chase.  She sprints after it then jumps around throwing the ball in the air and re-catching it with her mouth, then she drops it and waits for us to catch up to re-throw the ball again, until we get to the end of the road and turn around to walk back.
    Yesterday about a third down the length of the road, I threw the ball and Skye raced to catch it.  Once she had it, she streaked back to me with the ball in her mouth, but instead of stopping, she just kept on going toward the car.  It was a pretty clear signal to me that she had had enough of this walking business, and she just wanted to get back into the car so we could drive home and she could eat.

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