Saturday 9 January 2016

All Those Useless Extras

    Just look at our toaster; see all those buttons?  This toaster is capable of doing all kinds of things.  Do we use all those buttons--No.  I do sometimes use the “Cancel” button to stop the toast from burning, but all the rest of them are never used.  This is true of most of the things we buy.  They are designed to do all kind of periphery tasks, but most of those “extras” are never used, even though we pay for them.
    On our satellite TV we probably have more than 150 stations.  I only watch about 5.  My camera will do all sorts of extraordinary things, but I never use them.  I’ve loaded all kinds of impressive apps on my iPad  that I never open.  We recently bought a new car that comes with all sorts of fancy “bells and whistles”, but I can pretty much guarantee that most of that stuff will never get used.
    I guess people get “wowed” by all the extra functions available on an item which makes them choose one model over another, but the reality is that when it actually gets down to using the product, its just the basic function that is important and all of those “extras” are just useless window dressing.  The problem is not only that the consumer thinks it is a bargain to get more functions, often the consumer has no choice because the fancy models are the only choices available.

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