Wednesday 4 November 2015

Ummm, Peanut Butter

    This morning as we were about to set out on our walk around the pond, there came a rapping on the upstairs wall of our house.  
    “Rap, Rap, Rap-Rap.” 
    I figured it was a woodpecker drumming away and when we got out side, sure enough, that was what we saw.
    Naturally, I don’t like the idea of a woodpecker poking holes in the siding of my house, so my first thought was to find some sort of object that I could throw up at it, so it would fly away.  When more rationality seeped into my brain, I realized that throwing something was probably not a great idea, since the woodpecker was right beside a window, and knowing my luck, I figured I might hit the window and break it, even though I wasn’t planning to throw that hard.
    Then I remembered that woodpeckers always come to the peanut butter log that hangs on the birch tree which stood right beside me.  I had yet to fill it for the morning, so I got the peanut butter and filled the holes of the log with peanut butter.  Quickly, the woodpecker forgot its rapping, and as soon as I left to put the peanut butter away, there the woodpecker was, on the log, pulling off a big gob of peanut butter for breakfast.

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