Thursday, 5 November 2015

Salmon Feast with my Oatmeal

    This morning, like most mornings when I am preparing my bowl of oatmeal, I was half asleep.  Joan who is always more organized, had kindly already gotten a bowl and spoon out for me and had them waiting on the counter.  I took my bowl into the pantry and poured in some oatmeal from the big jar.  I then took my bowl back to the counter to spoon myself some prunes.  
    When I reached for the spoon, I noticed that it was a tiny tea spoon (Joan must not have been fully awake either), so I took it over to replace it with a regular spoon.  As I put it back into the drawer, I glanced over to my bowl on the counter and saw that there was also a medium sized spoon sitting there, so I didn’t get a new spoon, because I could use the one I saw.
    I used the spoon to give myself 5 prunes, then sliced up a banana on top and added the yogurt and soy milk.  It was ready to eat (I don’t cook the oatmeal), so  I walked my bowl over to the living room and we sat down in front of the TV.
    When I took the first bite of my oatmeal, my mouth noticed a lot of crud on the bottom of the spoon.  My first thought was that our dishwasher must not have done a very good job of cleaning it.  Then I though about how the dishwasher had not been opened yet, and if the spoon was laying on the counter, it was probably the cat food spoon.  Ecch!
    We open a can of cat food every second day, giving the cat 1/4th of the can at each feeding.  The can of the cat food and the cat food dirty spoon sit on the counter until the can is empty, so that meant the bottom of the spoon I had used to eat my first bite of oatmeal was covered with 2 day old cat food.  Ecch, again.
    After that bite I immediately returned the spoon to the counter and got a new one.  Before returning to the living room and my breakfast, I checked the empty cat food can in the sink, it looks like I had Salmon Feast with my oatmeal.

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