Thursday 12 November 2015

Joan Progresses Down the Trail

    Joan reached another milestone yesterday on her recovery from the hip replacement that she had done in July.  Previous milestones included:  no longer using a walker, no longer using crutches, walking without a cane around the pond, and driving again.  Walking the trail was a real test because it is fairly treacherous with lots of uneven ground and roots to slip and trip on.  For security she did use her cane on yesterday’s walk, but it all went well.
    Our trail goes through the bush, crosses some fields down by the river, then loops around through another section of woods and finally runs across the top of the dam for the pond.  Because our dog Skye is such a chicken and will only go on our trail if I am walking in front of her and Joan is walking behind her, she hadn’t been on the trail for ages too, and really seemed to enjoy smelling all of the exotic animal smells again within the safety of her “pack.”

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