Saturday 28 November 2015

Skye's Behavior Change

    In previous blogs I have bemoaned the behavior of our dog Skye.  Unlike most dogs I know, Skye wanted to be in the house on the bed instead of outside exploring and sniffing around.  When we took her on walks, she lagged behind Joan and I, seemingly uninterested in the activity, and acting like she was just there because we dragged her there.
    Skye was a rescued dog, who must have been abandoned and had to spend a month or so “living rough” out in the world.  This must have had a very traumatic experience for her.  Even though we have had her for two years, she still constantly has nightmares where she moans and barks.  We have always assumed that it is her past that keeps her afraid of the out of doors and craving the security of the house.  
    I am happy to report that over the past month we have seen a marked improvement in Skye’s behavior.  On our walks she runs and plays, and is often out in front of us.  She seems more energized and interested in things.  It may be that its just the cold weather that has made her more active, but hopefully it is because she is feeling more secure and safe.

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