Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Leggings of Snow

    In the past I have said disparaging things about our dog Skye.  I told you that she was lazy and wasn’t very outdoor oriented.  Yesterday, she proved me wrong.  We got about 10 inches (25 cm) of fresh snow on the ground and Joan and I decided to do the trail.  I wore snowshoes to mash the snow down, in an attempt to make it easier for Skye and Joan who followed.  Despite my snowshoeing there was still some plowing through the snow that had to be done, especially for Skye.  
    She had to work hard as all the snowballs attached to her legs prove, but still she romped and ran as best she could whenever I called her to catch up.  Once we got home, it was straight into the shower for Skye so I could melt all of the snow on her feet with warmish water.  She always stoically marches into the shower to get the task done.

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