Tuesday 10 November 2015

Christmas Fair Production

    We are approaching the season of Christmas Fairs, when hoards of people produce products for the hoards of people looking for locally made items they can give away for Christmas.  I am among that first set of hoards.  Every year I make a calendar featuring my cartoons and lots of trivia about things that happened on various days of the year. 
    I started out making these calendars for my family in about 1992.  I put a photo of my relatives on their birthday dates.   It later struck me that since I was making the calendars anyway, I should make a generic model and sell it to the public, and for several decades now, I have been selling them at the Valemount and McBride Christmas Fairs and at the Whistle Stop Gallery in McBride.   I usually sell about 170 of them, which is pretty amazing considering just how small the two communities are.
    I am often told, “The only reason I came to the Christmas Fair was to pick up one of your calendars.”  That always makes me feel like the effort to make them was justified.
    This year I had 190 of them printed up (I always give some away to friends for Christmas).  Once printed, I bind them with my binding machine and punch a hole in the bottom for hanging.  The Valemount Christmas Fair is this Saturday, and I am just about finished binding them (photo above). 
    I have learned that making a calendar is really a good scam--Every year people have to buy a new one. 
    Below is a photo of what some of the trivia in the calendar looks like.

You can see my paintings at:  www.davidmarchant.ca

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