Friday 13 November 2015

First Snowstorm

    We have been slowly ticking off the signs of winter for the season.  I previously blogged about the first dusting of snow and the excitement I felt.  Yesterday we experienced our first snowstorm.  It was looking pretty furious all afternoon with most of the landscape whited out by the storm.  It only left about 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) on the ground, but it certainly made everything look like winter.
    The snowstorm confirms that winter has arrived and so we are forced to accept the fact that from now on, weather becomes a major factor in our lives.  On Monday Joan and I made the 135 mile (217 km) drive up to Prince George.  For a week we carefully looked at the weather forecast before we finally decided on a day that looked like it would be safe to travel and then made our arrangements.   We didn’t want to be caught out on the highway during a snowstorm.  Luckily on Monday the highway was clear and dry.  It would have been hell had we been out on the highway yesterday.

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