Sunday 26 April 2015

Photo Show

    There is currently a diverse photography exhibition at the museum at the McBride Library displaying the photos of 5 local photographers.  I am happy to be one of the five with photos on display.  I chose to show examples of closeups of plants (and one of frost) because they were so rich in color.  
    Also on display are the amazing technical photography of Matthew Wheeler, who has examples of photos using an ice lens, and some spectacular shots of an aurora borealis and the moon hovering over the tip of a mountain.  Marilyn Wheeler has focused her camera on more common scenes from the Robson Valley, sheep grazing in a lush pasture and a shot of the diversity to be seen on a forest floor which shows mushrooms and a myriad of mosses on a fallen log.  
    Bill Arnold chose to feature his historical images.  They show interesting local events of the past including shots of a landslide that closed off the Fraser River, something I was completely unaware of.  Rounding off the exhibition are a couple of stunningly colorful photos by Darwin Paton, lush with the light of sunsets on mountains and a lake.
    If you are in McBride you might want to stop in at the library to take a look at the diverse view of our chunk of the world as seen through the lens of some local photographers.

You can see some examples of my paintings at:

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