Wednesday 1 April 2015

Decaying Infrastructure

    Like the rest of North America, I am plagued with decaying infrastructure.  Like North America, for years I have been ignoring the slow decline, in my case, hoping that my fences would last another year.  However, winter did a lot of damage and things have gotten so bad that I am forced to act.  My first act is to repair the fence that goes around my garden.
    Last year I suffered a big loss of vegetables because a deer got into the garden, and later in the fall, a bear gained entry and wrecked an apple tree.  Already this spring I have re-fenced the place where the deer gained entry, and I now just have to restring the wire on top of the fence so that I have a secure  8 ft. (2.4m) high barrier.  
    Yesterday I wrote about all of my picket fences, and luckily, because it is made of cedar, that has an amazing resistance to decay, I am able to reuse the 50 year old pickets.   My biggest problem is the fence posts.  Even though they too are also cedar, they do eventually rot out in the ground.  I have about 10 posts around the yard that have to be replaced, and I have made that my main project for the spring.

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