Wednesday 22 April 2015

Breaking the Surface

    I hope you are having a better Earth Day than we are.  Despite seeing the first hummingbird of the spring this morning, the weather is cold, grey, and snowing here in McBride    Since it was Earth Day, I thought I would show you the photo I took last week of the waterlilies in my pond.  I have been watching their leaves  slowly unroll under the water, and now finally, they have stretched up and their leaves have broken the surface.
      This, the Yellow Waterlily  (Naphar lutea ssp. polysepala) is a native to British Columbia.  I got it to grow in my pond by collecting some tubers, some 24 inches, (60cm) long, that were floating on Horseshoe Lake in McBride.  I waded out into my pond with them, stuck them in the mud, and now they have slowly spread around the edges of my pond.

I have a painting of one of my waterlilies in bloom at:

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