Friday 17 April 2015

Old Ducks, New Tricks

    I am fairly sure that the pair of mallards you see in the photo is the same pair that have been coming to my pond every year.   Even though I built the pond for wildlife habitat, it always becomes a bit of a problem when the ducks come to use it.  We like to walk around the pond, and I always feel hesitant to do so when ducks are on it because they get scared and fly away.  
    Some ducks are more tolerant than others.  The buffleheads just swim to the far side and continue to swim to the far side as we walk around it, but the mallards always got spooked and started quacking and flew off.  Finally this year they decided that we weren’t a threat and they now do what the buffleheads do, just stay on the pond, but always move to the side furthest from where we are.  Either they learned a new trick, or like me, they are just getting lazy in their old age.

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