Saturday 18 April 2015

A Building and a Plane

    For months I have been going through my thousands of digital photos in an attempt to organize them so that I have some chance of finding the photos I am looking for.  Last night I was going through the photos that I took in Hong Kong where we went for my brother’s wedding in 2005.  
    Being someone who lives very far from any metropolitan area, I found myself fascinated by the many modern buildings in Hong Kong and I took lots of photos of the towering structures.  I had no recollection of taking this particular photo, but when I saw it I found it upsetting.  I assume I took it thinking about 911, but I didn’t realize just how unsettling the juxtaposition of the airliner and the building would be when I looked at the photo years later.
    I guess it shows how imprinted the events of 911 have become in my subconscious, even though I had no physical involvement in the event and only experienced it on TV.

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