Saturday 25 April 2015

A Creature of Habit

    We periodically give our dog Skye a bone to gnaw on.  Normally we give it to her on the porch and she then carries it over to the yard where she goes to work on it.  Yesterday was a day of horrible weather.  It rained hard and tried to snow.  
    It was Skye’s bone day, but because of the awful weather, when she handed the bone to Skye, Joan tried to encourage Skye to keep it on the porch and not take it to the yard, but Skye is a creature of habit and immediately carried the bone out into the rain and began to go at it.  She ignored Joan’s pleadings to chew on it under the shelter of the porch.  I suspect that bones probably taste better when covered with dirt and yard debris.
    Finally seeing the futility of trying to get Skye to change her habits, Joan went back into the house and got Skye’s raincoat and put it on the dog.  Skye remained out in the rain and wet snow with her bone for an hour.

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