Friday 1 August 2014

Ozalenka Hike, Part 4-The Cabin

    Back in the late 1980’s, the Ozalenka Alpine Club built a cabin up in the Ozalenka Alpine which allows hikers and skiers the opportunity to overnight up in the alpine.  This lightens their backpacks up the trail and gives them more time to explore.  All of my trips to the Ozalenka have been just day hikes, so I have never used the cabin, but it looks like a wonderful resource for those who want to spend more time up there.
    The cabin provides a huge bunk that can accommodate a gang of people.  There is a stove, cooking equipment, a gravity fed system near the cabin to provide water, and a solar panel for  electric lights.   The cabin can be heated by a wood stove and nearby is a good supply of firewood ready for use.   All in all, quite a nice place to spend some time away from everyday life.  People wanting to book the cabin should contact Glen Stanley (250) 569-2596.

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