Wednesday 27 August 2014

A Unique Variety of Corn

    Because I grew up in rural Indiana, I feel obligated to plant corn in my garden every year.  This spring when it was time to plant the corn, I searched all over, but couldn’t find the 2 packages of corn seed that I had purchased just two weeks before. ( They did manage to turn up a few weeks ago, several months too late)  Since I never throw anything away (including old seeds) I was able to find a couple of old packages of corn seed which I put in the ground, with my fingers crossed, because I wasn’t sure if it would germinate.
    Lucky me, it did germinate and grow as you can see in the photo.  Some of it grew as tall as I am.  There is only one problem with my corn crop--there are absolutely no ears of corn on the plant.  Yes, it is a truly unique variety of corn, it has tassels growing on the top, but no developing ears to fertilize.  It was all a total waste of time.
    Growing corn is always a gamble in Central BC.  We often get a frost that kills the plant before the ears have matures, but sometimes we are rewarded with lots of corn to eat.  When the frost wipes out my corn crop, I can except that because with nature, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose, but this corn that didn’t even develop ears seems somehow unfair, since my chances of winning were nil from the very beginning.

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