Wednesday 30 April 2014

The Hell of a New Computer Part 2

    Yesterday, I started to describe all the trouble I was experiencing trying to get my newly purchased computer into the same shape as my old one so I could use it for all my activities.  The two programs I use the most are Photoshop and iWeb.  Both of them seemed to transfer successfully over to my new machine,  so I figured I was well on my way to using my big new iMac.  I was wrong.
    While Photoshop is generally used for photography, I use it to draw my cartoons, and also in my painting.  (Instead of looking at an object and painting it, I put a photo up on my screen, zoom in to the section I want to paint, then paint, by looking at the screen.)
     I double-clicked on the Photoshop icon on my new computer just to confirm that all was well, and was dismayed when a confusing message came up that said I couldn’t use the program because it was not “Activated”.  I didn’t know what to do, so did a Google search to find out more information.
    That led me to the Adobe site, where there was a “Chat” helpline.  I typed in my situation and problem into the chat and waited.  Fortunately, I quickly got a response from Appachu, who wanted more details.  After I gave him more details, he wanted to know when I bought the Photoshop program, and was I registered as an owner.  I always register, so I confirmed that I was and he asked me my email address, and I gave it to him.  
    He said he couldn’t find me in their records and asked if I had a receipt.  By this time I was scrambling around trying to find more proof of my legitimacy.  I found the Photoshop box and installation discs and gave him the long number that was printed on the outside of the box.  Again he wanted to know about if I had a receipt.  I said I might have one back in my tax records, but that would take some digging to find.  
    Then he mentioned that the number I gave him from the box was not the right number and that I should look on the installation disc.  This I did and then gave him the correct number.  They did have record of that number, but he still wondered about the receipt.  I was also informed that the copy I had was an “Upgrade” and that they wanted to know if I had the receipt for the first version of Photoshop that I had. 
    Luckily, I still had the old original “Owner’s Manual” (remember when they actually gave you such things when you bought a program?), and even more luckily, I had written the registration number on the cover of the manual.  (Sometimes I am amazed that I had enough sense way back then to write the number down.)  It seems that I bought the program back in 2003, and I also gave the help line my older email address, and was told that I had registered Photoshop.
    Of course just because I was happy and satisfied that I had discovered the number, Appachu, the guy I was “chatting” with still wanted to know if I had the original receipt.  By this time I had been on the chat line for about an hour and I was getting a little peeved at the assumption that I was somehow trying to cheat this giant corporation.  During the pauses in my chat, I had even deconstructed the growing lights and table for my infant pepper plants and moved all kind of things out of the way, so I could get into the filing cabinet to find the old receipt.
    I found tax receipts for 2001, 2002, and 2004, but of course I couldn’t find 2003, the ones I needed.  As my frustration grew and I went back to the chat line, I saw the following instructions, “Try typing the old serial number (the I had written on the cover of the old obsolete owner’s manual that I still had on my shelf), into the program and see if that works.”  
    Amazingly it did.  Photoshop was again up and running, now on my new computer.  Crossing my fingers, I clicked on iWeb, the discontinued program I use to do this blog and design my website, to see if that worked on my new computer....

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