Tuesday 8 April 2014

Rotten Ice

    The Fraser River, that for months now has been covered with ice, now has sections that are ice free.  The ice that remains is starting to turn gray-green, as its softens and deteriorates.   I find this rotten ice really interesting.  Often it gets to the point where it is reduced to individual columns of ice, like the glass crystals of a chandelier, that fall and crumble when touched.
    As the warmer weather continues, all the snow on the mountains will begin to melt and the sand bar you see on the other side of the river will disappear, as all the additional water slowly works its way down the 800 miles emptying to the Pacific Ocean near Vancouver.  The Upper Fraser Basin, which is where we live, has a larger than average snowpack.  This could lead to flooding, if there is a really warm spell which leads to rapid melting.

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