Friday 11 April 2014

Square Dance Gals

    Last night was sort of a “dress-up” night at square dancing, as women replaced their jeans with petticoats and wide skirts.  Monica, the driving force behind square dancing, had somehow managed to come home with a lot of women’s square dancing outfits from connections in Alberta.  Last week, she arranged for the female dancers to come in, try on, and pick out dance wear.
    When Joan returned from the event, she was clearly “stoked” about being able to wear the wide skirts and crinoline.  From how she described the afternoon, it seemed just like a group of young girls getting together and playing “dress up” with a pile of old clothes from the attic.  
    There was really a different attitude at square dancing last night, with all the women energized, swirling their skirts around, and prancing light on their feet as they danced.  It was fun, and I look forward to future dances, as more and more females dress up in their new outfits.

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