Friday 4 April 2014

Eagles On Ice

    For about a week now, there have been a group of bald eagles clustering down on the ice of the Fraser River, just below the Mennonite Church hill.  While most of the Fraser is still covered, there is a small open section of water where they eagles have been gathering, and I assume that fish are attracted to the open water, and the eagles are able to pull them out.  I can think of no other reason for the attraction of the area to the eagles.
    They come and go, but there is usually at least one on the ice.  We have spotted some of the group  soaring over the McBride airfield, when we go for our walks with Skye.  The air field is on the opposite side of the river, but not too far from where we have been seeing the eagles on the ice.  I took the photo below of an immature bald eagle overhead at the air field. 

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