Thursday, 24 April 2014

Screen Time

    Amazingly, even though there are still a few small patches of left-over winter snow on the ground, there are a handful of mosquitoes out buzzing around.  One woke me up just before dawn the other morning.  The warmer weather had left us sloppy about leaving windows open, and mosquitoes in the house, were the result.  So, its time to dig out and put on the screen windows, to keep the pests out of the house when the windows are open.  
    These early mosquitoes do not present a big problem.  They are big, slow, and dozy and therefore fairly easy to swat, but when they show up when you are trying to sleep, even one can be very irritating.  Later in the year, the small vicious variety of mosquitoes show up, especially if the Fraser River floods, those can drive you crazy and even keep you from doing things outside.
    We did have a bigger than normal snow-load on the mountains this winter, so if that all melts quickly, the river will overflow its banks and the nasty mosquitoes will fill the air.  I have my fingers crossed that the mountain snow melts slowly, and the river doesn’t flood.

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