Wednesday 12 February 2014

Mid Winter

    I have to admit that I am eagerly looking for some sign of Spring.  Our cold spell has ended and we are back to mild temperatures hovering around the freezing point.  As you can see by the photo that I took of the door to the barn, a lot of snow has to melt before we get down to seeing the ground.  
    Now, when I need to get into the barn, I have to climb up from the driveway, walk across the snow bank, then step down to the little porch in front of the barn door.  Fortunately, I can still open that door.  I am tired of having to put on all the coats, boots, and gloves just to go outside to get some firewood, and having to then take it all back off when I get back into the house.  I am ready for Spring.
    The hole you see in the roof happened overnight by the furious winds that blew snow sideways.  I have already gone up and jerry-rigged a temporary patch over the hole which hopefully will keep the snow out until which time I can permanently fix it.

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