Sunday 2 February 2014

Its Feeling Like Winter

    Last week I was commenting on how unusually warm it was for January in the interior of British Columbia, today I am singing a different tune--It’s cold!  Above, you can see the reading from our thermometer.  Outside temperature was -26C (-15F) and inside out house was 15C (59F).  The humidity reading of 75% outside, has to be incorrect, because when it is this cold, it is extremely dry.  It is forecast to get even colder toward the end of the week.
    I thought I would go out and measure the snow depth as part of this winter report.  Two samples gave me 24 inches (60cm) and the third gave me 26 inches (66cm).  Twenty-six inches was what I got over the past two years.  Below is a photo of the ruler in the snow.
    At least while it is cold, the skies are very clear and we have been getting thousands of sparkling stars at night and blue skies and a bright sun during the day.

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