Monday 3 February 2014

A Dog Sandwich

    We had Mac, our previous dog for 11 years, and so after all that time we thought that all dogs had the same habits that he did, so it has been a bit of a surprise now that we have Skye to see how she acts.   Mac was always pretty independent and self assured.  Whenever we went walking the trail, Mac  insisted he be in the front, often way out in front.
    Skye is sort of timid and insecure.  Instead of being out in front, Skye likes to sandwich herself, in between Joan and I.  We certainly welcome this behavior, because she is a lot less likely to get into trouble from the middle position of the parade.  When she does get a scent of something and starts to head off in another direction, we can call her back, unlike Mac, who was good at turning off his hearing and streaking away, whenever he caught the scent of an animal.

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