Friday 7 February 2014

Give Me a Break

    The frigid air seems happy where it is, just sitting on top of us.  Day after day, the same--Bright sunny cloudless skies, and clear dark nights with Orion’s belt twinkling in the east, but what a price we pay for those clear skies.  This morning it was -32 C (-25F) outside and now the sun is beaming through the windows and it is still -29C.
    I have always been happy that in the Robson Valley when it does get cold, it is very still--no wind.  Things would be pretty horrendous if the wind was blowing with these temperatures.  And as we always like to say, “It is a dry cold,” and that does make a big difference in how cold it feels.  I always remember the first winter we went down to Indiana for a visit--the damp cold there went right through us.
    Every morning I anxiously turn on the computer to see if there is any break in the forecast, and it looks as though there is.  It will be slowly warming and by next Tuesday it promises to be a balmy -2C
(28F).  Its nice to live with a little hope.
    The photo above shows the scene through our double glazed bathroom window earlier this morning.

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