Friday 12 July 2013

Snow on the Mountains

    Over the last two nights the local mountain tops have gotten a dusting of fresh snow.  This is a photo of Mount Lucille, which is situated right across the valley from us.  It always feels a bit ominous to us to see fresh snow in the middle of July, but it is of course, a bit colder up there at the elevation of 7800 ft (2400 m).  The snow that fell overnight will all melt away during the day.
    Mt. Lucille is a nice area for a day hike.  You can drive pretty much to alpine, then hike along the edge on the right hand side up to the peak.  At the very top, we usually rest and break out our lunches while we enjoy scanning the Robson Valley and the tiny townsite of McBride below us.  Even though the mountain isn’t all that high, I can always feel that it takes more exertion to do things up there than down on the valley bottom.
    After resting up, we climb down the left hand side until we get to the alpine meadow.  We walk across the flowery meadows which you can just see a bit of in the dark green area below the grey mountain.  Lucille is always an inspiring experience, but I am always happy to finally get back to the truck to get off of my feet.   The whole loop of scrambling up and down Lucille is about 4 miles (6.4 km) in length.  You don’t need any equipment, just energy, water, lunch, and good boots.

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