Monday 22 July 2013

Eating Out

    Yesterday, we took advantage of the beautiful day we had going, and did something that we should do more often-- we fired up the barbie and ate outside on our shady deck.  The skies were clear except for the big puffy cumulus clouds building over the mountains, the temperature was 31C (88F), there was a nice breeze. and no bugs.  It was perfect.
    The garden is now coming in, so we ate a lot of things we grew ourselves.  I made some German potato salad using some of our potatoes, and a green pepper freshly picked from the greenhouse.  Joan made some lemon aid garnished with some of our spearmint, and also a “fruit pizza” with our strawberries and saskatoon berries.  
    It was all so peaceful and laid back, and it made me feel guilty about eating so many of my summer time meals in front of the television set. 

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