Thursday 18 July 2013

My Shade-Loving Flowering Plant

    Our yard is very shady, so when we look for plants we have to find ones that can tolerate a lot of shade.  Early last spring, Costco had various packages of plant roots for sale.  One package was full of “shade-loving” plants.  It had 5 ferns, 5 hostas, and some other plant with a long name, that was supposed to have a flower on it.  
    I love ferns and hostas, so I would have bought the package anyway, but I was very intrigued by the flowering plant, which I didn’t know anything about.  There was no photo on the package, so I imagined big vibrant blooms giving colorful accent to the shady areas beside our house.
    I bought the package, and planted the roots in pots in the green house.  They all grew and when it was warm enough outside, I transplanted the plants into some of the shady garden spots next to the house.  Time passed.
    Well, the shade-loving flowering plant has finally presented to the world, it’s bloom, and what a disappointment.  I must admit it is a whole lot less than I expected.  It is that washed out pinkish spot in the photo.  I guess anyone who has done any gardening knows the feeling when reality finally replaces imagination.

I did receive an email from my cousin who said that the plant is a Astilbe or False spirea.  She said that given time it may develop into something a bit more dramatic.

You can see my paintings ohostas and  a fern on my website:

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