Sunday 14 July 2013

Robson Valley Cartoon Map

    The other day I was typing out a lyric and chord sheet for a song I was going to introduce at our Tuesday night jam session.  There was one chord that I used in the song that I didn’t know the name of.  I remembered that I had a poster that showed all of the guitar chords and I went looking for it.
    I found a roll of posters, and started to go through that and found the guitar chord poster.  I also found this cartoon map that I had made in 1993.  I had forgotten all about it and was happy to see that I still had a copy of it.
    A local tourist promotion organization asked me if I could make a map showing the different communities, highways, river drainages, and other features that might be of interest to tourists.  This map is what I ended up with.  I drew it out and colored it using colored pencils.  Its size was 2 ft x 3 ft (60cm x 90cm).  They printed out a bunch of copies and sold them locally for a while.
    Of course, when I drew out the map I made sure I drew in my house and property.  When a neighbor saw the map I was working on he ask, “Where’s my house?”  He gave me $5 as an inducement, so I drew in his house also.
    You probably can’t make out much of the finer details of the map, but maybe you can see some of the places I mention in my blog.  It might give you a bit more of an idea of what our valley and the surrounding countryside looks like.
    P.S.  The name of the chord I was looking for was “Asus2” which seems so obscure it is probably simpler just to show people how to finger it and forget about giving it a name.

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